How to choose a dress for a girl

From an early age, it is necessary to develop in girls the ability to dress beautifully and with taste. The female ideal for them is the mother. Therefore, the little charmers want to be like them in everything. Buying dresses for girls, mothers not only show care, but also shape their taste


Children's fashion does not lag behind adults and reacts quickly enough to all innovations. Ideally, dresses for girls should meet two main criteria: be stylish and comfortable. Many styles of children's and adult fashion are basically the same.

Fashion styles are based on a simple A-shape silhouette. Yoke, fitted bodices complement the models. They are convenient for little fashionistas, as they allow you to actively move. A-shaped silhouette is also relevant in adult fashion, so for a family holiday, you can sew two identical toilets for mom and daughter. Such a step will increase intimacy, reduce the age difference: the daughter will feel older, and the mother younger. Elegant dresses for girls are decorated with lace collars, bows, decorated with rhinestones, sequins. The outfit should be harmoniously combined with the hairstyle, shoes.

Tunics are an integral part of the wardrobe, largely due to their versatility. For the summer, they buy tunics made of light fabric with short sleeves, for the warm season – dresses made of dense knitwear, cashmere, angora. With leggings or jeans, they will make a good ensemble. A tunic with an unusual bright finish is quite possible to wear on a holiday


Models with a high waist of short and medium length look charming. With bright prints combined with a beautiful hairstyle, they look attractive, make it easy to move. Quite popular are lush dresses for girls in the style of the 60s with contrasting bows, ribbons, voluminous petticoats. Balloons, shirts, and trapezes are also relevant for all ages.

You can not ignore the sundress, famous for its functionality. Summer sundresses can be worn on the naked body, can be combined with a T-shirt under it or a bolero on top. With warm sundresses, they wear different sweaters, T-shirts, so that you can create new images every day. A plus for preschoolers is that they can easily put on a sundress on their own.

Depending on the type of fabric and finish, any style can become a festive outfit for a cute charmer


The little lady will be very happy to go to the store with her mother to choose her own things. Babies are attracted to the dress of princesses, but not at all events it will be comfortable, so the mother should show the art of persuasion and reorient her daughter to other fairy-tale characters, whose clothes are more comfortable and also beautiful. Just do not use as an argument that the baby will be uncomfortable in her chosen dress, she will not hear you. Children's fancy dresses should be beautiful and comfortable. In some cases, the mother may ask her daughter for advice about her toilet


For babies

When buying, pay attention to the composition of the fabric: the material should be natural with a small addition of elastane. It will sit well on the child and not cause discomfort when moving. Natural materials include cotton, bamboo, viscose, wool

The color scheme of the outfit for 4 years is preferable to bright, but not poisonous shades. For solemn exits, turquoise, blue, and pastel colors are suitable. Of the colors, the most popular are large flowers, animals, letters, and geometry. You can use a contrasting finish, which will make even a casual dress more elegant.

Tip: psychologists advise you to choose the color of the outfit in accordance with the temperament. The blue color is soothing, so it is suitable for hyperactive individuals. If the child is indecisive and meek, green or red color can contribute to the manifestations of activity.

You should check whether the buttons and jewelry are firmly sewn, so that the baby does not get upset if something comes off, gets lost on the first day. Such problems usually do not happen with well-known manufacturers, so if finances allow, it is better to buy branded clothing for your daughter


What styles should be avoided

Of course, the dress in the daughter's wardrobe is the most beautiful clothing, the right choice of which depends on her mood and self-perception. But if there is a choice between a beautiful and comfortable outfit, then the choice should be made in favor of the latter, the girl will be able to enjoy the holiday in a lovely dress made of natural fabric, suitable length and style.

Tip: when buying a baby headdress like a princess, pay attention to the length. Floor-length dresses are not recommended for young children, as they can get tangled in the skirt and fall, and the holiday will be spoiled. It is also worth giving up corsages, multi-layered skirts and crinoline.

Parents are the first and main teachers and educators for their daughter. It is the duty of parents to help in the formation of good taste, the ability to choose their own clothes and develop a sense of beauty. Then the girl will grow up confident, attractive, self-sufficient, will be surrounded by friends, successful in life. And that's what all parents want. There are no small things in education